Power Co. Have wise , responsible and transparent management which allow an environment of creativity , productivity and excellence .

Our People :

We have experienced  , innovative, creative ,commitment  and talent team work which turns to the quality of our products .

All employees with up to date know-how maintained through continuous education and training .

All work team members understand the value of time and respect delivery agreements. They are trained to work around the clock to ensure that their customers’ needs arrive exactly on time and adhere to the exact agreed upon requirements.


We are totally committed to quality and in providing a safe, conducive work environment for all persons working directly or indirectly for the organization

We use the best quality control methods on every stage of production .

We have the best laboratories equipped with the latest analysis technology with professional and well trained technicians.

We use latest technology for effective saving energy .

We ensure optimum product performance and keep us at the forefront of new product development.

Continuous research and development enable us to offer coatings that exceed the most stringent specifications. We guarantee top quality .


Power Chemical have many products .

  • Sulphonic acid It’s types and concentration
  • Tylose ( Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose )
  • Texapone ( Sodium lauryl ether sulphate )
  • Caustic Soda flakes 99 % ( Sodim hydroxide )
  • Magnesium sulphonate
  • Pine oil
  • Ethoxylated surfactant
  • Soft Downy
  • Ultra marine Blue
  • Fragrances
  • Oxygen water
  • Detol
  • Paints and printing inks chemicals.



Power Chemical company one of the leading companies in the field of chemical industries .

We serve many sectors like detergent industry ,personal care products , paints and printing inks industry and other specialized chemical industries .

We are located at east 2nd industrial zone Block 14 Plot 15&16 at Borg El Arab industrial city far about 40 km  from Alexandria port which facilitate the shipping methods .